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Terra Cotta Pot in Metal Stand


Each of these terra cotta planters are so natural and earthy that they look like they've just come off the potter's wheel. The unique cone shape draws the eye upward and puts the attention on whatever beautiful plant you choose to put in it. Make a lovely statement with one of these on a patio table, half wall, or entryway stand. The thoughtful potter even included a drain hole to shed excess water.

The three prong metal stand is classic simplicity and will blend into any decor.

The terra cotta planter is 5.25" tall and 5.25" wide measured from the outside edge. Assembled in the stand, the pot measures 6" high.

Product Details:

  • Terra cotta planters
  • Cone-shaped planters are 5.25 tall x 5.25 wide
  • Terra cotta planter has drain hole
  • Three-prong metal stand included
  • Stand and planter assembled size is 6" high
Terra Cotta Pot in Metal Stand


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