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Spring Basket for Your Front Door


Looking for something well-made and unique for your door or entryway? This Spring Basket will fit the bill: a quality woven basket and beautiful, life-like spring flowers. The arrangement is comprised of faux forsythia, phlox, lily of the valley and real-touch tulips. Adding height and variety are sprigs of dried curly willow. Each basket is accented with a purple bow.

This really wonderful basket arrangement says "Spring" the moment you see it. You won't find many more like this in your neighborhood -- first, it is comprised of unusual flower combinations selected from quality manufacturers. Second, many of the door decorations on the market today are poorly made or mass produced for a cheap sale. The Spring Basket is a quality piece you will be able to re-use for years, if cared for and stored in a safe, dry location. The bright yellows, vibrant purples and pops of orange will make your home a stand-out!

Each basket is hand made to order. For this reason, your order may have slight variations from the basket shown. Please allow a few extra days for your order to arrive. It will be worth it!

The basket with flowers is: 28" H x 8" deep x 17"wide.

Product Details:

  • Unusual design for your front door -- well made woven basket
  • Unusual floral combination of faux forsythia, phlox, lily of the valley and real-touch tulips
  • Arrangement includes sprigs of dried curly willow
  • Each arrangement is made to order
  • Measures 28" H x 8" deep x 17"wide
Spring Basket for Your Front Door


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