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One Cat Away from Being a Crazy Cat Lady | Kitchen Towel


Crazy cat lady? I thought we all were!

A fun kitchen towel for the absolute cat lovers among us. We are many!

Our independent-minded, but cute-as-the-dickens kittens have taken over our hearts  -- and in many cases our homes, too. Crazy cat ladies: you know who you are!

Have a little fun and give one of these towels to a friend. Share the sisterhood and give a towel to a kindred spirit or buy one for yourself. You certainly won't surprise your guests -- they know who you are, too.

Towel is made of white cotton with "furry-looking" lettering and cat designs throughout. Towel measures 28" square. Machine washable. Imprinted with black lettering.

Product details:

  • Kitchen towel imprinted with the words: One cat away from being a crazy cat lady!
  • White cotton towel with black lettering
  • Machine-washable
  • Measures  28" square
One Cat Away from Being a Crazy Cat Lady | Kitchen Towel


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