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Indoor Outdoor LED Luminaries | Set of 2


The look of luminaries is so festive, but they can be a pain to set up. Who has time to set out paperbags, sand and candles on an ordinary Tuesday night? Wow, way too much work -- and then you have to be sure the live flames are extinguished safely before you go to sleep.

That's why I love these metal, LED versions so much more!!

You get the festive luminary shape, but in a metal form with the built-in efficiency and safety of LED candle technology. Each luminary requires two C batteries -- not included with your purchase. Set the 4 or 8 hour timer on the LED candle, stake the luminary where you want it, and...voila! Suddenly your yard is enchanted. And all you have to do is get a cool drink and sit in the lawn chair to enjoy it.

The set includes two luminaries, and each has a lazered metal design. One design is of butterflies and the other of birds. Buy one set or buy several! Traditionally, people have used luminaries to line a path, but the shape and design of these are so versatile that you could even use them as a lantern on the patio table or hanging from a shepard's hook in the garden.

They would even make very cute and fuss-free bridal centerpieces. Add a few faux greens around the base or a few faux flowers tucked inside the metal form, and you've got a very pretty centerpiece that is just the right height for table conversation. Honestly, fun and unique.

Product details:

  • Set includes 2 luminaries
  • One luminary has a butterfly design; the other a bird
  • Luminary is 9" high with the handle folded down or 14" high with the handle turned up
  • Each luminary is 4.25 " wide at the base
  • Each luminary contains an LED candle with two timer settings: 4 hours and 8 hours
  • LED candle is 5.25" high
  • Once the timer is set, the candles turn on automatically at same time each day
  • Each luminary comes with two stakes to help fasten the luminary to the ground
  • Each candle requires two C alkaline batteries (not included)
  • Luminary is made of metal and LED candle of plastic
Indoor Outdoor LED Luminaries | Set of 2


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