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Dog's Rules | Wall Sign


A black and white wooden box sign featuring hand lettered: The Dog's Rules.

In case you don't know them, here they are:
Don't come home smelling of other dogs
Don't think you can leave a room without me
If you find it missing, I saw the cat take it
If you find something broken, it happened while I was sleeping
Don't move me while sleeping in the middle of the bed, you have enough room on the edge
If it lands on the floor, it's mine
If your friend's dog has one, I want one bigger
What happens at the dog park stays at the dog park

Easy to hang or can stand alone. Measures 13.25" w x 17" h x 1.75" d

Product details:

  • Wooden sign with the dog's rules
  • Measures  13.25" w x 17" h x 1.75" d
  • Can be hung on the wall or stand alone on a shelf



Dog's Rules | Wall Sign


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