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Angel Tear Lights In Mason Jar Lid


Did you ever catch a firefly on a hot summer night? If so, you'll feel like a kid again when you have one of these solar-powered angel tear lids! These tiny lights turn an ordinary jar into magic with a 46" string of 12 angel tear LED lights. The lights are neatly packaged into a standard mason jar lid so you can add it to a wide variety of jars. The lights come on automatically when it gets dark. Lids can be used indoors or outdoors. Lights require a few hours of sunlight each day to charge the battery. 

We put our lid on a pint-size mason jar. Please note that the jar is not included with your order.

Product Details:

  • 46" string of 12 Angel Tear LED lights
  • Use indoors and outdoors
  • Water resistant
  • Fits any jar with a standard mason jar screw-top opening
  • Includes a replaceable and rechargeable battery for hours of light
  • Lights come on automatically when it gets dark
  • Great for patio lighting, walkway lighting, garden accents and more
  • Use as an adorable night light by adding beloved items to the jar
  • Before using, remove the plastic wrap from battery
  • Place in direct sunlight for several hours to charge the battery
Angel Tear Lights In Mason Jar Lid


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