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About Adorn Wreaths

Something to make you smile, something to inspire, something of beauty, something in bloom, and -- let's not forget -- something that's just perfect for you.

“You can take the girl off the farm, but you can’t take the farm out of the girl!” I guess that’s my story, too. For me, starting Adorn Wreaths is rooted in a love for the beautiful things of the outdoors and the products for our homes that remind us of them. 

I was raised on a working orchard where my father, mother, siblings and even neighbors helped raise our tasty peach and apple crops. For us, nature wasn’t just a topic of idle conversation, it was a key element of our everyday lives. Buds and blooms…pets and pests…bees and birds…rain and sunshine were the silent partners of the business. These were critical elements of our livelihood that significantly impacted both our work and our harvest.
Although my own path took me off the homestead years ago, I carry with me the values that were impressed on me in those years. An appreciation for the beauty of flowers, pods, seeds; the comfort and security of a loving home; a compassion for animals; a healthy sense of humor about life (you see a lot on the farm!); the importance of a strong faith; and a respect for those who work the soil, be it as a backyard gardener or a full-time farmer.

Nature is beautiful and colorful — full of energy and excitement. Why not have your front door decor reflect that? And let's face it, your front door is a large part of the first impression others have of us.

While looking for wreaths to purchase for my own home, I saw fewer and fewer stores carrying what I was looking for. I wanted something different than what was available off the shelf at the local craft and department stores. That sent me searching…

Our selection of products springs from that deep well of natural beauty. I strive to find quality, affordable florals that mimic what you might find growing in a nearby meadow. I like to play with nature’s paintbrush and make the arrangements colorful and lovely. Fresh, fun, beautiful…they are at the heart of what we create at Adorn Wreaths.

Over time we expanded our product selections to include other decorative items for your home and yard that bring in elements of nature. Fill your home with the things that make you smile and bring you inspiration. After a hard day’s work, our homes are not just shelter, they are the place to be re-energized and refreshed.

I hope you look around while you are here, and drop me a line to let me know what you liked or were looking for and did not find. I always enjoy knowing more about the things that are special to others. Our floral selections, in particular, change frequently so stop back to see what’s new with each season.

Carol Wall
Owner, Adorn Wreaths