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Timeless Potted Succulents | 3 Assorted


A wonderful addition to a bookshelf, side table or coffee table. Or put these plants on a nook in the bathroom or bedroom. Each of the polyethylene potted succulents are lifelike and durable. Don't be surprised if your guests start asking for advice on how to care for their cacti, though, because these are pretty convincing.

Each order includes an assortment of three beautifully potted plants. Use them together as a grouping or space them around the house to add a "natural" element to your home design.

Each arrangement is nestled in a ribbed ceramic pot that has a clean, contemporary look.

Product Details:

  • Each order includes an assortment of 3 potted succulents
  • Plants come beautifully potted in contemporary ceramic pots
  • Very lifelike!
  • Succulents made of polyethylene
  • 10" high
Timeless Potted Succulents | 3 Assorted


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