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Large Angel Birdcage Figure


This is a statement piece to sit on your mantle or at the center of an accent table. Large and beautiful, this angel brings a feeling of tranquility to any room. The figure is completely composed of metal with a distressed look of rustic sophistication. She is gently holding a heart between her hands. This would be a wonderful gift for a friend as well! This is a piece that will be part of your decor for years...easily blended into many different decorating styles due to its "evergreen" style.

The figure is 24.5 inches high and its wing span is 8 inches wide. The angel wings are detachable, giving you the option of two looks.

Product Details:

  • Angel figure is made of metal
  • Distressed look
  • Verdigris finish
  • Angel is holding a heart in her hands
  • More than 24" high and 8" wide
  • Detachable wings, giving you two looks
Large Angel Birdcage Figure


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