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Get Your Fat Pants Ready | Kitchen Towel


Get your fat pants ready!

Ohhhh...who hasn't had that thought?! Good cooking, vacations, special occasions, birthday celebrations, kickin' back at the cabin, just plain ol' lettin' loose at the dessert buffet! Some days you crave the permission to loosen the belt and let all commonsense go! Hopefully, it's temporary, but you know that you can if you want to. Bring a smile to a friend's face or make a declaration of your own...even it if is just in jest!

Towel is made of white cotton and measures 28" square. Machine washable. Imprinted with black lettering.

Product details:

  • Kitchen towel imprinted with the words: Get your fat pants ready!
  • White cotton towel with black lettering
  • Machine-washable
  • Measures  28" square
Get Your Fat Pants Ready | Kitchen Towel


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